Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pin-a-week & GAME ON! Update

Hi friends!

I'll bet you thought I disappeared on you? Well, I DID disappear to the northwoods-to our new cabin near Biwabik, MN (close to Giant's Ridge Ski area if you're familiar). It's been busy getting settled and keeping track of our "get into everything" 10 month old, but the snow up here is FABULOUS and fluffy, and it's so cozy here I'm sad to think of going back to the hustle and bustle of home!

So this past week has been week #1 of "Game ON!: MN Style" and it's been a bit of a transition! For the most part I've been able to keep to my daily quote of Weight Watcher's points, and drink all 3 LITERS OF WATER A DAY (yikes!) as well as the other requirements-but BOY does eating out and changing your "routine" (esp. with a baby!) throw a wrench into things!! I anticipated it would be difficult to eat out and maintain my diet plan-but WOW it's tougher than I thought! Thankfully we get a "day off" and a "meal off" during the week- that I have utilized well!

The water thing has been a big transition-the first day or two I HATED the taste of water (funny huh?) and could barely make myself keep drinking it, but strangely enough as we've progressed (and I've learned to add limes or cucumbers to it for flavor!) I actually find myself THIRSTY for water... on my meal off I even TURNED DOWN POP (this is revolutionary here people, as I am a 100% recovering pop addict!) in lew of water to quench my thirst! So maybe there is something to this whole "get healthy" thing! At this point, I've lost 2 of the 15lbs. I hope to shed-which is promising, and if Jillian Michael's is right "I'll be shredded in no time!" I've been doing her "30 day Shred" video faithfully every day (even on my day off) and I can FEEL my body getting stronger! When I bent down, holding my son, to pick up his pacifier, it was MUCH easier than even a week ago, and my legs didn't even shake!  Lest you think I'm a Pollyanna-this new diet has bit the big one in a number of ways- I crave chocolate CONSTANTLY it seems- but I've found a new helper in that catagory...Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters.... ummm can we say YUM.. esp. in Dark Chocolate!!!!!!

Anyway, 3 more weeks to go! You can anticipate a weekly update from me about the progress (and I'll try not to whine too much!), but I do have to warn you-I'm competing against some pretty insane competition! Some of these folks are on "primal" diets, and others have almost perfect scores for week one! (don't I feel dumb with my stupid snacking penalty!) so things could get interesting! Wait and see!

Lastly,  while up north I've been brainstorming new crafty projects for Jenn and I to tackle as well as how to decorate this "chalet style" cabin and make it feel unique and homey! My hubby and I have decided to go with a sort of "vintage ski/paddle/bigfoot (yes, I know, I said Bigfoot!) theme so I've begun hunting through Etsy and online ( has cool stuff!) for some neat original pieces for the place!! Right now, some possible crafty projects I might add to the pile include:
  1. Vintage picture Coasters and framed vintage postcards collages 
  2. DIY Canvas Photo Enlargements
  3. Creating a "book nook" for kiddos in the upstairs kids room
And more to come!! But now, as if this post isn't long enough, I just have to share a few pics of my little guy and our time up north in God's country! Have a great week all! I'll be back next week to finish up our "Ode to Modge Podge" and start a new "pin of the week" project!
 Our pups Chauncey (on the right) and Koopa were detained in the hallway until their snow covered paws melted after many fun filled hours outside!
 Our little guy, Cooper (10 months), on his first sledding outing!! I think he likes it!
 My "bubba" and I
 My hubby making "Bigfoot Angels" as he calls them! The snow was PERFECT!
Hurry up Mommy, let's GO!!!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun in the snow!! Joey would LOVE it!