Monday, February 13, 2012

Weigh Ins, Poutine and Pins in the Kitchen?

Hi all,

So sorry to be absent lately-I've been a traveling mamma! My husband and I whisked away for a weekend of relaxation, adventure and...HOCKEY in Montreal, Canada! We had a GREAT time, and enjoyed some AMAZING food! Check it out!
 Belgian Dark Chocolate Crepes-for Breakfast??!! Oh YES my friends!!!
 a HEALTHY version of Eggs Benedict?? Less than 900 calories and DELECTABLE!! YUM! Even the veggies!
The highlight of our trip (other than the hockey and massages!)-Poutine!! Imagine the most SCRUMPTIOUS french fries smothered in a light gravy with chunks of the creamiest cheese imaginable...and NO I WILL NOT list the calorie content... it ruins the amazing-ness of the dish!

So for those of you who are paying attention, you might recall I'm on a DIET right now... you'll be happy to know that 80% of this amazing food was consumed on my day off..which didn't bode well for my weigh in this past week, but was admittedly fun in the process! Isn't that always the way it goes?? So it was an AWESOME getaway, but I'm paying for it dietwise... but we still have one more week to go for GAME ON... so time will tell if I've fallen off the "get healthy" wagon completely!!

As for the " Pin-a-week" update, since my partner in crime Jenn was in Florida this week, I decided to try out a few recipes I've found on pinterest instead.  Here are the results, and my thoughts on how they turned out! 
Do It Yourself mini fruit pizzas! I made sugar cookies and a light cream cheese frosting and put fruit in bowls, and then let folks put together their own concoctions! They were DELICIOUS and EASY!
This is the Crispy Cheesy Chicken PRIOR to baking... I made this along with a Corn casserole for some friends we had over this past weekend- it got RAVE reviews from our friends (and me!) It wasn't terribly diet friendly, but it was DELICIOUS!! (and SO easy to make!!!)

As for other CRAFTY projects, my friend Jill and I just finished buying the fabric to make two twin quilted duvet covers for our new cabin's guest room-so we'll update you as things progress-but here is the fabric we'll be working with!
So, as you can see, things have been happening, but it's been a little nutty around the Ebling house-and FAR too much yummy food has been consumed!! So this week and next we'll be working on getting "back on the healthy/crafty/routine wagon!"

Keep it crafty people! More to come soon!

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