Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pin-a-week #1: Mod Podge Madness!

Hi all!

Well, Jenn Hubal and I got together this past Friday with our kiddos (big shout out to Hannah and the Coops!) to do our first "pin/craft a week" project! As you can guess, getting crafty with babies around is a little sticky (pun intended! haha) but we got a pretty good start. We discovered that expecting that we'll COMPLETE a project each week might be too high a goal-instead we'll get started on something-even if it takes us a week to finish!! are some photos of our Mod Podge Madness! We were working on making photo coasters using tiles from Home Depot ($0.16 each!), mod podge, and left over photos (or Xmas cards in Jenn's case!) as well as a clear acrylic spray to give them some sheen and some cut up chair-foot pads (what ARE those things called?)for stability. Here's a peek!
 The Lovely Jenn hard at work!
After allowing the Mod Podge to dry (remember you can paint the MP over the TOP of the pics and it dries clear!) we cut up the chair pads (you know the things you buy to put under chair feet so they don't scratch the floor?)into 4 pieces for each corner and stuck them on. I had some lying around here at the house, but you can get them at Home Depot or target too).
 Overall, this is a pretty easy craft to do, and it came out quite well. This is the third set I've made and given as gifts- and they seemed to be well received. Just learn from my mistakes-make sure the Mod Podge has PLENTY of time to FULLY dry before spraying the acrylic top coat-just trust me on this:)

I still need to take a pic of the final product, but here's proof that we DID actually do a pin this week!!! We'd like to play with Mod Podge some more-so plan to see a few more weeks of MP madness!!

Finished pic to come soon!! Oh, but in the meantime, some fun pics of our babies!
 For all the toys he got for Christmas-bless my sweet sons heart, he'd pick crawling up in his momma's lap (while she's playing with glue no less!) over any of them!
 Little Miss Hannah-Jenn's girlie checking out the toys (and singing for us!)
 Two new buddies!
 Look mom! I have a tongue!!
Ok we're biased, but aren't they ADORABLE?? Do I see future crafters?I think yes!!! :)

Finished pic of our Mod Podge Coasters! (one of the sets anyway!)

Note for next time: the clear acrylic spray adds a GREAT final touch! Totally worth it! Give it "sheen" and makes it look more finished!!

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