Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UPDATES...Birthday Party Pins & Craftiness!

Since my last post was quite lengthy, I'll try to keep this brief, but here are a few of the "pins" I've attempted the last two weeks! Check it out!
 So my mom and I had fun "inventing" a new cupcake recipe! We took "Chocolate Butter Moist" cake (by Duncan Hines i believe?) and make large and mini cupcakes (we put vanilla icing in the middle of the large cupcakes as well!) and we added mint chocolate flavoring to vanilla icing and topped them with chopped mint M&M's. They were DIVINE!!! We coupled this with After Dinner Mint ice cream and they were a hit with everyone!!!
 Here are the mini cupcakes-they were SO moist, and the mint frosting/M&M combo was scrumptious!
 So this is my impromptu "Elmo" cake for my son Cooper's 1st Birthday. I had hoped to do something more complex-but time got the best of me. I had to use what I could find for the face pieces-so I would definately try other options next times, but for the 4 minutes of time it was photographed before being smashed to bits all over my sons face I'd say it worked out just fine!
 A little "pinterest" idea I used! We celebrated my father's 77th and my niece's 7th birthday as well- and a few stinkers were stealing candy from the jars-but they were fun table centerpieces anyway!!!
A few random "pins" include decorating Cooper's high chair with balloons and crepe paper, as well as our "monster themed poster" complete with felt monsters! (Elmo was the theme, but he is a monster after all! :)
My baby boy turned 1!! How did the time go by so fast!!

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  1. Those cupcakes sounds SCRUMPTIOUS, I LOVE minute...and combined with the fact that I gave up sweets for Lent? Lucky I wasn't there!!

    And LOVE the Elmo cake. Someday I am going to be a baker. Someday. I had found a cookie monster cake that I wanted to try and make for Joey, maybe I will have to make that my goal for his 4th birthday!

    LOVE that you are accomplishing so many pins! You go woman!!