Sunday, January 22, 2012

GAME ON is officially... ON!!!

Well, it's official. Today begins my 4 week adventure/competition/challenge/"oh my Lordy what did I get myself into?!?" activity- the "Game ON!" diet. My teammates, Stacy Nathan and Hilary Wear (all Concordia Cobbers class of '99-whoot whoot!) began our regime today of daily drinking 3 liters of H2O, getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night, 20 minutes sweat-inducing exercise, maintaining a Weight Watchers points-based diet, implementing a new HEALTHY habit while abstaining from an UNhealthy habit and communicating with our teammates and opponents each day... Whew.. that was one HECK of a run-on sentence!! (my apologies to all you English majors out there!;)

As promised (and quickly as I need to get my 7 hours of sleep!) Here is my "before" picture, as well as a recap of my goals/habits. Consider this my attempt at accountability as well as a cry for support (I'm pathetic I know-but this is harder than you think! One day in and I'm practically floating away from all the water!!!). So here we go...
Here I am-almost 11 months after giving birth at 160 lbs., looking to lose the remaining 15 lbs. of leftover baby weight to get back to my previous "happy weight" of 145 lbs.
 I look SO bizarre in these photos, but I was trying NOT to "suck it in" so the picture would be true, and frankly, I just felt stupid standing there taking a "chubby picture."
So mostly it's the gut, but I could stand for the chin and a few other places to shrink a bit too:) As I tell my friends often, I'd like the "penthouse suite" that was Cooper's home for 9 months to go back to being an efficiency apartment-or at least a one bedroom!! :)

So it day down (and I got all my points today, I might add! As did my teammates!) and a...LOT more to go... but it'll be worth it right?? Here's to you, Hilary and Stace-let's go Kick some GAME ON BUTT while SHRINKING OUR OWN!!!

For more info on the "Game On" diet, check out!

Operation Baby Weight is underway!!!


  1. You inspired me to "let it all out" too. Even my weight. Grr. Ugh! We CAN do this, we will!! Even though Christina and I are going to be team Concordia's butts!! :-)

  2. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com