Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bucket List Update!

 So over New Year's Eve weekend my hubby and I knocked something off my bucket list-dogsledding!!! Here are just a few fun pictures to give you an idea of what it was like (in a word FABULOUSLY_AMAZING_CAN'T_WAIT_TO_DO_IT_AGAIN!!!) You get the idea~! We went to Bayfield, WI and went with and it was GREAT! It cost about $200 for both of us to go for our 3 hour afternoon run (I know it's spendy, but it was WORTH IT!)-FYI. John and Mary Thiel run the business and also do sailing in the summer in Lake Superior near Madeline Island.

 Look at their BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!!! There were 31 dogs total, and my sled had 4 dogs pulling it-to hear them howl out of eagerness to PULL was incredible!! And to feel them pull you felt like you were flying!

 My attempt at becoming a "dog whisperer"... maybe not!
 check out the musher mitts!!
 My "action pose" on the sled! It's all about balance-especially on the turns!
We did everything from harnessing the dogs to feeding them, learning the commands to loving them up afterwards!

 My next "bucket list" goal is to do a weeklong trip through a company called Wintergreen in Ely where you have a team that you sled with from lodge to lodge across the BWCA and Superior National Forest... it's a wee bit expensive ($2000) but a worthy goal for when Cooper gets into Kindergarten? (that gives me a few years to save up!)

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