Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mod Podge Madness Part #2

We're back!!!

So Jenn and I decided that Mod Podge is AMAZING and there are just too, too many things we can do with it!! So we are continuing our "Mod Podge Madness" trend here with a few new projects!

I'm still obsessed with making coasters.. I realized I keep making them FOR OTHER PEOPLE, so I needed a few sets for myself-and at $0.16 a tile, it's a pretty inexpensive and quick to complete project!! Here is the latest set in progress-for our new vacation property in Biwabik, MN! I've taken scrapbook paper and plan to simply M.Podge it on, not sure if I'll get more creative or just keep it simple! Suggestions requested!!
I'm also working on another small project, something I found (but of course!) on Pinterest!! Using wooden letters from JoAnn Etc. I found on sale, some ribbon and scrapbook paper (with MP of course!) But it seems a little bit boring, and I need to figure out how to hang it on his door.. hmmmm... we'll see what comes of this!
Jenn is working on an AWESOME project, and I might just have to copy her it's coming out so fabulously!! Check it out!!!
 Using a paper mache large letter from JoAnn's, she painted it black with craft paint, and then took all kinds of leftover pictures and MP'ed them on to it!! This isn't completed yet, but isn't it cool??

Auuh Mod Podge... you're almost as vital as chocolate to a crafty girl like me-and I have a feeling we have many more years of craftiness to come together!!

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  1. I think I am going to have to see if I can find some Mod Podge over here. That looks like fun. Love the sign for Cooper and the large letter that Jenn is making! I will definitely need to hunt down a craft store around here very soon!