Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The "How do I actually LOSE the weight successfully" conundrum!

Ok, so here's the issue... broken down a bit more:

  1. I have NEVER been a healthy eater. Fried chicken strips, a whole tin of stuffing in one sitting, a full carton of ice cream devoured in a day-by me alone, THAT'S what I'm dealing with here folks. And fortunately/unfortunately for me, for the last 30 or so years I've had a metabolism that seemed to keep up somewhat with my horse-like appetite-UNTIL that blasted (but wonderful and life altering of course!:) pregnancy... now between the body changes and the sleep deprivation-well my metabolism is a whole new (and more sluggish) beast!
  2. Exercise: Unless its social, or adventurous and social, I have little to no motivation. I hate treadmills and following videos and I'm ashamed to admit I've actually gone to the YMCA just to check in and get the insurance discount, only to depart 10 minutes later and head to DQ. I do love running, but I'm picky about conditions.
  3. I'm a pop-a-holic. 'nuff said. Drinking H20 all day makes me want to scream for flavoring.
  4. I live for sweets-I'm a woman, what did you expect?
  5. I'm a cheater and a liar, I admit it-I try to be a good person, but FOOD IS SO LOVABLE and it's hard to let go... remember the old saying "Live to eat or eat to live" do I REALLY have to tell you which side I fall on?!?!
So... here are my options, with pros and cons alike for my "Operation Lose Babyweight" New Years resolution:

  1. The "Game On" Diet- Pros?VERY cool idea of teaming up with others to compete and lose weight while doing it-very much appeals to my need for socialization and accountability, esp. since I think it would use the people pleaser part of me to my advantage. Cons? Well, the DIET for one-basically it's gluten free, sugar (mostly) free and otherwise chock full of suggested foods that either I HATE (for example you get to eat as much celery as you want... UGH YUCK ICK.. vomit coming up!) or have limited access to without switching grocery places-and frankly, as a new mom the last thing I need is yet one MORE thing to mess up the routine.  Verdict? Still uncertain AND I'd need to find teammates ASAP.
  2. Jenny Craig: Pros? They give you the food (convenient) and a consultant-good accountability, this coupled with some personal training sessions at the YMCA might work. Cons? Cost (yikes!), and what happens after you STOP eating their food?? And what if I get totally sick of all things frozen food or want to eat out? VERDICT? uncertain-could be worth the investment for a month or two to get going, and then I'd need another game plan to keep it off again.
  3. Weight Watchers: Pros? Done it before, love the ability to choose to eat whatever I want, Cons? I can never seem to keep myself to the amount of points they give me.BUT I do know the system, if only I could find some accountability (would I actually GO to the meetings on my own??) VERDICT: likely but uncertain, may need to do it with a new "twist."
So... for anyone out there paying attention, thoughts? (remember what you're dealing with here!) I'm at a crossroads-I really want to do the GAME ON diet, but the food issue sounds too steep (for more info on this diet, check out and I don't think I could adhere to it, AND my son is not a reliable all-night sleeper, so getting the sleep points could still be tricky.

The clock is ticking.. and I need a strategy... it's now or never folks!!! Wish me luck!


  1. I'm going back on weight watchers after the first of the year 'cause it works and it's the healthiest thing I've found as long as I actually DO IT - and going back to the ymca 3 times a week starting NOW...and seems to me SOMEONE sent you a text this very day inviting you to join that someone...that's all I'm gonna say.. :)

  2. Here is my thought. I am with you on the Game On diet being a bit tough in the food department (I didn't read the gluten free part--really???). But the idea of it being a game, with teammates and competitions seems great.

    So...what if we do a combo of Weight Watchers and Game On? I probably won't go to WW meetings, but will follow points (the old version).

    What do you think? Let me know if you are in and I will start working on something.

    I have about three people who are interested in doing the game on diet with us...and I bet they would be in on this too!

  3. I love the team sound just like me, every bit of it, except I have NEVER had a speedy metabolism...mine is at best unpredictable! Case-in-point...I have the same eating habits (minus the soda) and you look like that, and I look like this. However, I am am healthy! Clean bill of health!! So, my only motivation for busting the bulge would be energy level. Comfort.

  4. Have you check out Slim Genics? I loved the program and it worked really, really well for me.