Sunday, January 1, 2012


OK folks!! Some decisions have been made! Pay attention class! ;)

  1. Thanks to my flexible and creative friends, I will soon begin the "Game On: Weight Watchers Version" plan of attack!! I'm still trying to figure out what my new healthy habit will be, and which of the many nasty habits I'll eliminate, but I have a teammate (whoot whoot Stacy Nathan!) and a few others (whoot whoot Jenny Hallquist!!) ready to play-we're ironing out the details and we'll soon be LIVE and running!
  2. This week I will
    1. Join Weight Watchers officially again
    2. Work out with Stacy at LEAST once
    3. Clear my cupboards of insane yummy temptation!
    4. Get the ball rolling so if I get chosen for Jury duty next week I have NO EXCUSES!!
  3.  Craft/Pin-a-week starts THIS WEEK!! So I will probably choose my nieces gift (a bleach pen shirt) as my project and kill two birds with one stone! Pictures and tutorial to come!
  4. Soon to come also-my GAME ON goals, and accountability work up!! Yikes... but I'm so excited to kick others butts while shrinking my own!! (we still may need players if you're interested, or for more info go to or check out; we are creating the "hybrid" ourselves, but you'll get the idea, and maybe you'll want to do the same with some of your friends!!
Ok, heading to bed before 11pm.... start of a new year, start of a new habit! Now, let's just hope the baby doesn't wake up at 11:05!

Welcome to 2012 everyone~

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  1. Alright lady; I am working on a scoreboard for us; and am hoping to put together a summary of each section for possible players. :-)

    So excited about this! I joined WW online last night. Yay!