Tuesday, March 13, 2012

GAME ON: MN style Update!!

WOW! Have I been a delinquent blogger or what?!?!? After a few weeks up north and a full weekend full of family house guests, I'm just now catching up on everything!! So here come a BUNCH of mini updates for anyone curious about where things are at on this end!!

Game ON!
Well, I am one and 1/2 weeks into round 2 of Game ON! and it's been a bit rougher this time around. I started this whole "Game ON" thing with motivation to drop these last 10-15 lbs. of baby weight and really start to turn around my unhealthy habits, but I've hit some roadblocks that have proven to be fairly helpful reflections on where I need to grow in ALL aspects of my life-not just my physical health.

So for round one, I lost 5 lbs. in the first two weeks, and then my husband and I took a trip together to Montreal. In my defense, the food there is AMAZING (poutine...WOW) and it was VACATION and all, but by the second day of the trip things were on the way down. From that point on I started gaining back the 5 lbs I lost through Belgian Chocolate Crepes and succulent Poutine. Lordy, Lordy.. it was DELICIOUS but as always, I regretted it the moment it left my lips for my hips! (well SORT OF regretted it!)

So I learned a valuable lesson-BE PREPARED! Vacation presented me with some HUGE temptations, most notably the temptation to "indulge...just a little bit" and let myself become lazy. While I appreciate this idea-it's a lot less harmful when you're just MAINTAINING your weight, not trying to lose pounds! I wish I had thought ahead to organize WHAT I wanted to indulge on, and how I would make up for it (exercise, etc.) later. I did that somewhat, but truth is- when the laziness hit, I just let myself give in. Thankfully, while my lbs. starting heading northward, my habits were still going quite well!! My bad habit to give up was biting my nails-and while I don't have a BEFORE picture (think bitten till they bleed-yes, they were THAT bad!!) Here is an AFTER shot! (and they are even LONGER now!!)
Ok, so it's a small victory, but a victory none the less!! I also had a BLAST with my new GOOD HABIT-a "pin a week" and blogging:) and I am continuing this habit as we speak!  In addition, I'm getting used to the water, so I've seen my skin clear up some, and I'm getting better sleep than I have in a while, all in all worth the $40 entry fee I'd say! Oh, and did I mention, I'm running a 7K this Saturday?!?!?

Yes folks, Miss Stacy Nathan-my own personal Doula/Friend/Personal Trainer is kicking me into gear!! We've run together twice now, and I have committed to run a 7k (the most I've EVER RUN... EVER!)- the "Get lucky" race this Saturday. I'm fighting some Sciatic Nerve pain, but if I have to crawl across the finish line.. I WILL... and I don't think I'd be doing this without GAME ON, so again a small victory-but a good one!

So now, I'm 1/2way through round 2, and have battled some sickness and sciatic pain which has been discouraging  and I'm really struggling to get back on the wagon and really work on the weight loss-but I'm NOT GIVING UP YET... and as long as they'll let me play.. I'll keep going!! I am still down 4 lbs. from my starting weight, so it's a start... and hopefully this weekends run will keep me motivated! So wish me luck!!

Thanks everyone for your continued support! OH, and lest I forget.. here are my round 2 goals:

Bad Habit: Being LATE to everything (I'm a wee bit chronic about this!)
Good Habit: Daily Lenten Devotions (I recently began a couple's bible study with  my husband on Sunday Nights and it's truly getting me excited to dig more deeply into my faith!! Yet another small victory!)

My weight loss goal for Round 2 is minor- I would like to re-lose the 5 lbs. and maintain that over the next two weeks... and then prepare to step my GAME up seriously for round 3! Any insights, helpful tips or ideas you have on how to fight the "no motivation- live to eat-I'm never going to get there-lazy and easily sabotaged" demons that plague my journey please share them here!!!

So there you have it-not perfect, but this blog is about my journey, not my perfection, right?

Ta Ta!

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  1. I would say that just the fact that you are taking part in the "Game On" game means that you are taking action and that you ARE motivated. I am feeling the same lack of motivation as you right now, but I am so glad that we have this game to keep us going. Just stick with it and focus on YOU this week. That with your run this week should equal a good weight loss, and then (at least for me) that is a big motivation to keep going. :-) So happy for you too with the couple's bible study. That is so awesome. I am also doing devotionals daily, and it is seriously changing my life and attitude and relationship with God (for the better). Yay for both of us!!!