Friday, January 6, 2012

Game On/MN Style... The Countdown begins!!!

Hi all!!

Well, as our group prepares to begin our "Game On/Weight Watchers" diet game on January 16th, I'm working on "practicing" some of the daily activities I'll need to do to make sure I win my points each day. If you'd like to know more about how the Game On diet works, my good friend Jenny did a great summary of it on her blog! Here are a few of the things I'm trying to "practice" as we prepare:
  1. 20 minutes of exercise each day: So while I'd like to say I will run every day, it's just not feasible with the little guy. But my friend Jill turned me on to Jillian Michael's (of Biggest Loser fame) "30 Day Shred" video which has 3 workouts consisting of a 20 minute circuit workout. You do each workout for one week each, and they get increasingly more difficult. So I'm not a huge DVD workout fan, I usually get bored or tired and end up eating ice cream and watching the video instead. But this one is pretty good. It's short enough that I can stand it, and she changes activities every 30 seconds-1 minute so it keeps from getting boring. 2 days in and I can feel it in my legs, arms and abs-so far so good!! As an added bonus-Jill (realizing my need for socialization when doing something I don't like) offered to talk with me on speakerphone as we did the video together-it hasn't QUITE worked out yet-but I love the option!! It might actually work for me!
  2. No pop, bring on the veggies: Working on doing a salad with every dinner and obeying my daily WW "points." This is TOUGH... I was getting rather comfortable on a 3,000 calorie diet (I was breastfeeding after all-or that was my excuse!) so squeezing down to a 1500 daily count is a YIKES.... but my stomach will shrink... also working on chopping up veges and putting them in things (Thank you Stacy Martin for the idea!!) such as salads or soups for the nutrients with out the texture issues!) As for the pop?? Well, I'll need to be drinking 3 liters of H2O a DAY (I may float away...) so I'm working on drinking water instead, as well as these Sparkling Strawberry/Kiwi Green Tea drinks with zero calories that I love. They have caffeine, so I have to be careful..but they are helping me to "ween" off the Cherry Coke!
  3. Healthy snacking: Another "project" I've been working on is finding healthy snacking alternatives.  I found an idea on to make smoothie kits.  Essentially you fill ice cube trays with yogurt and then put fresh/frozen fruit in individual zip locks with a couple of cubes for an easy smoothie when you're hungry... here's a pic! I'll let you know how they taste!

I'm looking for suggestions on smarter snacking ideas or any other ideas that may have worked for you-please share!!!

As promised, prior to the start of the game on the 16th, I will post a picture of my current self (likely NOT in a bikini-but something telling) as well as sharing my chosen healthy habit to take on, and my UNhealthy habit to eliminate..consider it my attempt at accountability!!

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