Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tic toc, tic many days till 1/1/2012?!?

Alright folks, the goal is to begin this crazy year long experiment on January 1, 2012... and the outcome possibilities are as follows:

1. I, like so many before and assuredly after, keep up with this New Year's Resolution for about 1.5 months only to get bored, distracted or lazy and give up on the process in mid-February

2. I really give this blog-accountability-thing a shot-for quite a while (maybe even the whole year?!?!) and I learn a thing or two along the way.

3. This crazy Jenny Hallquist inspired blogfest dealio leads to losing 15 lbs. of leftover babyweight, some fabulous crafting, great new friendships, boatloads of cool connections to other bloggers and makes for a fabulous addition to my time as a stay at home mom!

4. Wait, what were we talking about? I think I need an oreo.....

I digress... 1 week and counting till we begin!!

Goals (recap)

  • Pin/Craft a week- complete at least one activity/recipe/craft pinned to my pinterest board each week and blog my success/not-so-success
  • Strategize to get healthy and lose the baby weight!! And let other bloggers hold me accountable (and encourage me!!)
  • Learn new stuff, connect with other mommas and crafty fun folk, and make the MOST out of 2012 in whatever way God presents!
Reasonable goals? I think so.... now the real question is.. Can I DO it???

We shall see!

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